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Vedas was first to discovered Prism concept not by the Newton

Vedas was first to discovered Prism concept not by the Newton

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we might have forget the important of the vedas. Because of your new generation thinks it's not relevant. But your thinks or perspective of see vedas is wrong . We not understand that your anicient rishis want to transfer knowledge to old to new generation . How they do it ? Simple by telling science concept in the story . So that information and science concept can be tell to new generation . But have time went when people remember story but not concept . This leads to the loss of of great scientific knowledge present in the Indian ancient society in the form of vedas

What is dispersion of light or prism experiment

We also have learn in school about dispersion of light . If you not remember then you met know prism experiment . When teacher takes prism placed in the presence of sunlight . Prism divided sunlight into seven colour (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) . This proves white sunlight contains 7 colours. According to the wavelength .With this experiment . Raindrops work as prism to help in make rainbows in the sky

The proves of this theory in present in the vedas (Science in the vedas)

First , please see the below image which i have provided down

 Suryadev , chariot of the sun
sri surya bhagwan
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If you see the above pictures you first notice that sun is sit on the chariot . Which is controlled by the Varuna deva (the lord of the water)

● Sun is sit on the back and then Varuna devas and then 7 horses . Does it it not depicted that when sunlight falls on the water . It divided into 7 colours of ray . You say but Sun do not moves it's just imagination . Actually the seven horses or seven rays moves around the world

In the Konkan surya Mandir in Odisha . There statue of the suryadev in the seven horses chariot

Therefore in the vedas it is written that 👇👇

सप्ताश्व रथमारूढम् प्रचंडम् कश्यपात्मजम् |
श्वेत पद्मधरम् देवम् तम् सूर्यम् प्रणमाम्यहम् ||

saptāśva rathamārūḍham pracaṁḍam kaśyapātmajam |
śvēta padmadharam dēvam tam sūryam praṇamāmyaham ||

The sun God who is mounted on a chariot driven by seven horses, the resplendent one, the son of sage Kaśyapa, holds a white lotus in the hand, I offer salutations to Him.

Have Newton steal the science from the vedas ?

This question can controversial because newton might accidentally found the dispersion of light . It's not very shocking that two people have found the same discovery . It happened often in science world

But should we given a mention of this in your education books ?

Not giving credits but should your student know that your ancient texts not only talk about behaviour and physiology . But also a hidden science in them exists


It's important to change your perspective on your sacred ancient texts like vedas and mahabharat and not looks as religious texts . but scientific books . So that your young generation can get pride on your sacred books and your great culture

So please share this as much as much you can and prise on your great rishis which where scientists

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