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Harmful effects of sanitizer | Serious disease may occur in boby

Harmful effects of sanitizer | Serious disease may occur in boby

Alcohol based sanitizer

Coronavirus have infect human population more than 7 million and it have taken more death than SARS and MERS . More than 4 lakhs people have loss there lives . This article is about side effects of sanitizer

''Prevention is better than cure"
General quote

You have this quote and therefore people prevent coronavirus by maintaining social distancing and wash hand

Now a days people are using sanitizer in every hour to be protect from virus . Everywhere sanitizer dispensary is installed . And people using sanitizer everyday and every hour without it severe side effects which may lead to serious disease

It's very important to know this knowledge that use of sanitizer may lead to serious disease which will after coronavirus can give you serious skin disease
Sanitizer against coronavirus

Side effects of use of Sanitizer

Before know disadvantage or side effects of sanitizer you must know how many types of sanitizer are there in market . Different types have different side effects

Types of sanitizer

Alcohol based sanitizer (Side effects )

alcohol based sanitizer use Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol due there properties of dissolve the oil . Which present in the virus upper layer Due to this oil in the skin faded away lead to many problems like

  • Risks of Eczema
  • sleeping apnea may occur in the small children
  • Acidosis may also occur in the small children
  • Nervous system related many diseases
  • Xeroderma
  • Due to present of the alcohol . Alcohol destroys your immune cell present in the boby . And weaken your immunity
  • Research say that people who often use sanitizer may 6 times more likely to suffer gastroenteritis
  • Disrupt of endocrine system to use of sanitizer
  • Stop development of genital organs

Interesting facts :- If you takes large handfull of sanitizer and test your alcohol in your breath . It will show you have drunk alcohol

Non alcohol sanitizer ( side effects )

Non alcohol sanitizer use the compound called tocopheryl acetate .

  • Accordingly to the FDI . This sanitizer create imbalances in the hormone system of the boby
  • Antimicrobial resistance . Due to this small virus can make you weak and give your fever
  • Destroy of good bacterial with bad bacterial . Due to this you fall sicks oftenly
  • Research say that people who often use sanitizer may 6 X times more likely to suffer gastroenteritis and it's more

Side effects of sanitizer
Special mention :- If you sanitizer with artifical fragrance . Then it's can cause cause . Due to present of artifical fragrance . They are made up of harmful chemical like  acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethanol, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool, methylene chloride as well as phthalates, stearates, and parabens. . This all chemical if you see in the sanitizer need do not buy it

Alternative to use sanitizer

First :- avoid sanitizer as much as use it only in scarcity of water

Second :- Use liquid hand soap or soap will be best choose and try see liquid soap which have less fragrance and harmful

Important note :- do not stop hand washing please . It's also important to prevent from this virus


there are side effects of using sanitizer but we can use soap have alternative . In extreme condition of water scarcity . You should stop thinks side effects and use the santinizer . In that case wash your hand with soap after santinizer before eating . This prevent from consuming harmful chemical and harmful alcohol

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