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Why Atmanirbhir Abhiyan is important for India

Why Atmanirbhir Abhiyan is important for India

Atmanirbhir bharat

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) have crush the growth of economy of India and the World . At this time goverment of though the world are try and planning to economy better

like wise india goverment also make plan to there economy on the tracks which derailed due to lockdown . There are many schemes and packages for indian people . EXAMPLE :- 20 lakh crores relief package , PM CARES FUND , ATMANIRBHIR etc . In future , Government might Give Us Interest free loans to support


Atmanirbhir abhiyan means to be self reliant economy india . To demand on locals bussiness vendor or national business vendor for fulfilling Goods and Service supplying is known as Atmanirbhir economy . We can give it a other name "Swadeshi" . Swadeshikaran abhiyan same as Atmanbhir abhiyan . Only different is swadeshikaran abhiyan by Gandhiji was start to boycott to British products and strength the local economy . which were shrinking . Due to the British heavy taxes on them to sell there products in india . Before that Swami Dayanand Saraswati started swadeshi movement

Atmanirbhir planning by PM

" Vocal for Local"
By the Honourable PM of India Narendra Modi

Pm modi planning to supporting local shops ,vendors and business as much they can . Because they are most hit from lockdown . Therefore Narendra Modi surge us to buy products from local kiran store .

Special mention:- Because of local kiran store . We are not having disruption of supply chain like America and Europe countries ⭐

Benefits of the Atmanirbhir abhiyan

Support and substainability of local business :- If we buy products for local business or vendor or shps . The profits of that product will gone to his family and help them to recovery from financial crisis .

Create Employment ;- Imagine you buy your plastic bottle from chinese brand xyz . then manufacturing plant in china giving employ to there people . If you buys that plastic bottle from indian brand like joyo etc . Then that indian brand manufacturing plant will be in india . Create an employment for Indian people .Help Indian people

strengthing the indian brand :- Why Today Apple is Huge company ? Why Google is operating in so many nations ? You know why ? Because they Local people support them . There nation people support them . Amercian supported them . We also have to support your Indian Brands Like Tata , Reliance etc . It will too long for a Indian Tech Companies to get status Like Apple and Google

Helping in the boycott China :- China aggression to india i9s continuously day by day . Recent news of 20 Soldier were died in standoff . Some Sources claim it was pre-planned . It very important to attack China by Geopolitical , Economic and Military level . Geopolitical and Military wise we do awesome in the counter the China . But we lack Economic counter to China . That's the biggest power of China . Money sources of enemy decide how many weapons can make

Interesting Facts :- In 2011 , When America intelligence sources (CIA) started to get that Iran might developed nuclear warhead . America and European together exposed sanctions in 2011 . Which break the backbone of economy of Iran . In 2015 , Iran have nuclear deal with Usa . This power of attack through Economically level ⭐


Sir , they how will we boycott all foregein products and especially china products

We should first focus on the boycott China and Then other foregin products later and there not so concerning . But It is very important to boycott china as It's your rivalry nation and have Aggressive tone towards India

So now , question come How we can boycott China as we are demand on for daily to daily things

"Software in a day and hardware in a year "
Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam Wangchuk say we must boycott chinese software in a day and use alternative Indian version or other country version of that app and Slowly we will also boycott hardware but it will take time as indian companies invested in hardware manufacturing . It may talk 1 to 2 years for that matter

I recommend you buy as many as possible Indian companies products . and rise in demand for Indian products . We will give messages to companies to start manufacturing in the India . Were the Consumer money flow there Business company flow .

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