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Top 3 Ancient Temples in India

Top 3 Ancient Temples in India

Ancient Temples in India is also very important part of culture , society and history . This types of temples help us to understand ideology of Hindu culture . Not this temples also help in Understand the skills and technology advancement at that time . This temples are precious build and perfectly carved architecture . Every where and Every piece of stone in the temple is a
 piece of art .

Some Temple are geometry perfect and geometry design are marvelous . If see their size you will be shock that this huge temple are created at that time .

Some temple used monolithic techniqueo to build temples . Monolithic structure mean build a structure with carving one stone only . Just imagine build temple with carving one block of stone .

If you want to Understand India better then you must know

Top 3 Ancient Temples in India 

1 :- Kailasa Temple

Location :- Ellora , Maharashtra 

Kailasa temple, Ellora

This Temple is build from carving block of mountain. This best example of Monolithic structure . This World large Monolithic structure temple . This temple was carved from single stone . No cement , No stone block only carving . Scientist are still not able to how this structure possible carved . Today also we cannot recreate structure like this with all modern technology .

 It’s took 3-4 decades to Complete this temple . King Krishna had started the initiative to build the temple .

This  temple is also  known Kailasanatha ( Lord of Kailasa ) . The Kailasa Temple construction work was started in AD 757 To  AD 783 . Kailasa Temple is one of the  cave .  Out of 34 caves . This Kailasa temple is in Ellora caves . I strongly recommend to visit this temple and see the architecture , structure and sculpture .  This temple content the ideal of Buddhist , Jain and Hindu deities also .

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2 :- Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Location :- Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple . This Temple is one of the oldest temple and most richest temple in the world . This temple dedication to lord Hari Vishnu ( Maintainer of Lord Universe ) . This temple is very famous to treasure vault . In this treasure vault trillion of dollar gold was found . But One chamber B is still not open . And Many time it was try to open but due to some reasons . The people who was working to open this chamber.  Where find to be ill then later death or due to the accident they died

The Temple have marvelous architecture and The art sculpture on this temple are very nice . This Temple have properly aligned to sun movement . If you see this temple . You will notice that 7 spaces or holes in the roof off the temple . Which aligned with sun and have sun rises passes to this 7 spaces and same with moon .

I highly recommend to visit this temple  atleast one time in there lifetime

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3 :- Rameshvaran temple 

Location :- Rameswaram island , Tamil Nadu 

Rameshvaran temple

This Temple have marvelous  architecture and sculpture beautiful are very amazing . Many times you see this above image . You can see how all pillars have meet in the one point . This is beautiful example of architecture  illusion . Ramayan says  Ram itself worship here . This temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva ( Lord of Destroyer ) .

This temple is also known Ramanathaswamy Temple .
This is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga and One of the most precious religious places of Hinduism . Out of 4 places . List of Char dharma temple included this temples also .

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Note :-  I don't category this temple from very best to best from top to  bottom . All temple are marvelous piece of art . All this temple are incomparably in terms of all categories .

We need to see this temple . And We must have pride on the ancestors and there great unimaginable skills , architecture and arts .

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