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Nikola Tesla :- The Untold Story of the Great Scientist

Nikola Tesla :- The Untold Story of the Great Scientist

Nikola Tesla :- The Untold Story of Great Scientist

Introduction of Nikola Tesla :-

Nikola Tesla was great Scientist. He was Serbian American Inventor . He was know For his great invention like alternating current , Radio , Wireless transmission of electricity and Great Nikola tesla Quotes . Nikola tesla is also know for his futuristic thoughts

Nikola Tesla Biography

Tesla was born in Austrian Empire . His father Milutin Tesla and Tesla's mother, Đuka Mandić . He was born on 10 July 1856 . His father was church priest . And his father want that Nikola should priest . But Nikola want to be Engineering . So one day Nikola got severe sick And his father promise To tesla that after he get well . He will send him to engineering college . Tesla studied Engineering and physics without receive degree

In 1983 , He emigrated to USA New York . For Some time he work for Continental Edison electricity . In this time one incident happen he life got changed . One day Motor was not work effectively . So Tesla was confident that he can fix that motors . And Told Edison that he can make this motors more effectively and properly . Edison challenged the Tesla if he can do this he will give him 50,000 $ ( In today value $ 1,308,132.65 ) . And Tesla fix every problem in that motors . But when the time come to pay for the work of Tesla . Edison replied " You don't understand the American humour " . This hurt Tesla deeply . And leave the job in the Company of Edison

There are difference in the viems of best system of electricity tranmission . Edison believe that DC system of electricity tranmission is best . Tesla believe that AC system of electricity tranmission is best . After leave the job in the Edison Company . Tesla started his Own company Tesla Electricity ltd . Due the Investment of Sir George Westinghouse . He work on Alternating Current And people were accepting AC system . Because it is more easy to transmit electricity to long distance . This create Tesla vs Edison war beginning...

Tesla Vs Edison Electricity War ( AC VS DC )0

This war was not actually war . But a difference in the viem of electricity tranmission system . One who was egoistic and One who was confident about the invention

Edison believe that DC system of electricity tranmission is best . Tesla believe that AC system of electricity tranmission is best . Tesla have some points to proof that AC is much superior than DC .

● AC is much more cheaper than DC for power generation

● AC Can be transmit to long distance without need of transform . Whereas DC cannot be transmit to more than 100 km without transform

● The ability to supply huge amount of current .Which is required in some huge consuming appliances like Air conditioner , Refrigerator etc.

But some advantages DC aganist AC system of electricity tranmission.

● Due to the capacity of carrying less current for tranmission it make DC more safe than AC

● Due to the small scale electricity in the DC . It also make it easier to store this energy

Tesla got Niagara falls hydro electricity generation project . Edison wants that People use DC system not AC because Edison business was suffer huge loss with AC system hype . Edison show people how danger AC would be by electrocuting Dogs and Human who was sentenced to death . But Tesla checkmate Edison by passing 1 million volts from his body to show how safe AC current

Tesla coil and Nikola Tesla

Special thing about nikola Tesla that don't your science textbook told us

● Inventor of AC ( alternating current ) . Many time you have teach about Alternating current . But never in the our books Nikola Tesla has mentioned him

● Inventor of Radio controlled system . Tesla developed system this much much before John Hays Hammond but people taught Tesla cheating us by using monkey

● Wireless transmission of electricity . Which is today use for wireless charge in your mobile

We need to know about great Scientist like Nikola Tesla and their contribution to humanity and your betterment of life


On this 10 july , Nikola Tesla birthday was there . So i thought to share my knowledge about Nikola Tesla . We must respect this types of scientist

This types of great Scientist must have mentioned in your textbook . This Type Scientist and Work should be teach to the students while there learn electric circuit

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