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Protein Fasting solutions for People Who are not gain Muscles

Protein Fasting solutions for People Who are not gain Muscles

Solutions for not gaining muscle

 You have heard People say that " We do Lot of exercise and Take lot of protein still We not gain the muscle mass , why 😢😢😢 ? . So i am here for your Solution of this problem which is protein fasting

Not worry , I will make you explain protein fasting in simple language

What is protein fasting and Scientific Explaination

Protein fasting is a Fast technique in one day out of week you eat less than 15 gram of protein in a day . Understand you eat protein everyday according to the your boby weight . When you eat protein it get digest in the mouth , stomach and intestines get released in the bloodstream and circulation in the bloodstream . Then liver process the protein into amino acids . This Amino acids is used for protein synthesis ( Muscle repairing make your muscle mass growth and this due to the protein synthesis ) . There one more uses of this protein it for energy . Protein can be converted to glucose for energy source .

And the problem starts now......

Understanding like this 7 days of week . Your liver have process protein . But you boby is very smart it adapt and you Protein for energy not muscle repairing. Due to this your boby will convert protein into glucose which easy task for your boby . But if want your boby should converted protein into amino acids and then it use muscle repairing ( protein synthesis ) . Which will increase the muscle mass
Weak muscle

Now you have limit the protein consumption upto 15 gram in a days . On this day your boby will have scarcity of protein in a boby . And decrease the  protein fractional synthesis rate . After this day of fasting Your boby will again use protein as muscle repairing or protein synthesis . And make your muscle growth

This will also make you help in lossing weight

Why muscle helps in fats reducing fats

many people say that we don't want to muscle and be boby builder . First all of all people thinks exercise only helps in gaining muscle. But it's wrong exercise help you in making you reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases . And make your cholesterol reducing . Make your immunity strong

And If your boby have build muscle . Then there will less space for your boby to store unnecessary fats

Diet tips for protein fasting day

🌟 Avoid Exercise because you not have protein for muscle growth

🌟Avoid Protein powder because it's high in protein

🌟 Avoid Roti / Suji and Pulses because it also high in protein

🌟 Eat Fruits get help you lose weight and Fruits are great source of vitamins

🌟 Eat vegetables but Avoid green vegetables like spinach . Because it's high in protein
Stronger muscle


I have recommended this diet to my other friends also . I have personally apply this diet technique and it have show good results to me . You have 25 gram of protein in this day but 15 grams of protein work best . According to the some people .

Please share this article with your friend . And help them getting good knowledge . And sharing the knowledge will increase your knowledge


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