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Top 3 Most Affected Economy Due To The Coronavirus

Top 3 most affected economy  due to the Coronavirus 

Economy crash

Coronavirus already infected more than 15 million and lead to more than 6 lakhs died . We don't  have  any treatment offically of Coronavirus . And we don't have any vaccines also . There only solution that goverment thinks is best for coronavirus that's lockdown .

Lockdown stops school , colleges , offices , industry and travelling . In Short stop Whole economy . People not have money to buy products  because they were not going working . The Company is not give the salary . Travelling were not allowed . And tourism industry is deading  . Airlines industry is deading . Transportation industry is deading . People who were involved in the deading industry have scaring a lot . Whole Economy is crashing . Million of the people will be unemployed and there will be great social depression

Some Economist says that "This will greater recession compare to 2009 economic crisis . Some People  it may economic  depression like 1918 " .

So let analysis  which 3 countries will be most affected by this coronavirus .

🌟 1 :- United States of America

USA coronavirus

United States of America have mostly number of Coronavirus patient and death . United States of America have 4,129,405 coronavirus patients and 146,665 death .

USA economy based 80% services and lockdown have stopped this services . Some industry have  adapted home work system but it very inefficient

The unemployment rate of USA have grown to 14.7 % since the great depression

United States of America economy growth rate in 2020 have come to -5.9% and In 2019 , it was 1.9% .

Trump have announced 2.2 trillion economy pack for helping unemployment people .

🌟 2 :- Brazil

Brazil physiography

The Coronavirus cases in Brazil is 2,242,394 . And the death in the Brazil from Coronavirus is more than 84k

Brazil economy is not that big as compared to the USA . Ofcourse in the number USA would have more loss in the economy . But Brazil will have social impact on it's citizen .

According to the macrotrends , Brazil poverty rate is 20 % . It's will increased as business get bankrupt

In 2019 , 1.4 % economic growth rate of brazil have reported . In 2020 , It is -8.0 % economy growth rate is predicted . Brazil economy will shrink to 8.0 % in this year

As the business bankruptcy , People loses there jobs and unemployment rate will increased . Brazil unemployment rate is increased to 12.90 % .

🌟 3 :- India

Indian flag

India Coronavirus cases toll have reach more than 1.3 m and more than 30k deaths

India have labour majority who survive on the daily based wages . Which trouble for india . Have construction stopped in the India due to the Lockdown . Supervision and Company denied to pay there wages . Have result they return to the villages respectively.

This can be problem have urbanisation in india was growing rapidly since 1999 globalisation period . It will not grow have fast as previous was .

In 2020 , The India proverty rate have be increased to 8.5%

Business bankruptcy will lead more unemployment rate .

In December 2019 unemployment rate was 7.60 % . In May 2020 unemployment rate touch to 23.48% . In fact in February there was 7.76 unemployment rate . You can see effect of lockdown on Employment . You check this data from this website click here

In 2019 , The economy growth rate was 7.1% . In 2020 , The economy growth rate is 3.2 % . India economy is based on primary occupation that's why it not hit that hard due this coronavirus


Economy down fall not only effect company but also effect people and society . Please support the people who are poor , who are not able earn and donate little bit for them . One cannot change the society but one one one can change the society .

We again make your economy back on track and again flourish and make the world better place for live .

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