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Top 5 Alternative of Tiktok app (App like Tiktok)

Top 5 Alternative of Tiktok app (App like Tiktok)

App like Tiktok

29 June 2020 will remark date As the Tiktok and other 59 apps where banned by Indian government offically . So people say good content publisher and people complain that they have to suffer pain . Because they have no platform to express . I answer them if you love the format of tiktok . They can use App like Tiktok . I believe that good talent can surviving in any platform . This list of Alternative of Tiktok

● First App like Tiktok :- Mitron

Alternative of Tiktok App

Mitron :- Mitron fully swadeshi company app . This alternative Tiktok app . This app crossed 100 lakhs download .

Mitron is a free Short Video and Social Platform based out of Bengaluru, India. It is designed for people to showcase their innovative videos inline with our theme of light humor.

Click here to download

●Second App like Tiktok :- Sharechat


Sharechat :- Sharechat have crossed more than 100 millions downloads . And You have see many times people use it for whatsapp status . But They app developed include the features like Tiktok inside the app . This app is made in india . The Company who own this app is also Indian company

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● Third App like Tiktok :- Roposo


Roposo :- Roposo have crossed more than 50 million download . Roposo is India's favourite video creation and sharing app. Made in India, for India. You can use Roposo app in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia and Assamese.

This app have features like easy photo editing using video filters, GIF stickers & effects which help you create videos in slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage & stage mono light.

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● Fourth similar app to Tiktok :-Chingari


Chingari :- Chingari have crossed more than 10 millions downloads .

It is made in India app . And the company which own it is also Indian company .

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● Fifth App similar to the Tiktok :- Moj


Moj :- Moj app is made in India . The company which owned this app is Indian company Sharechat . This app crossed more than 10 millions downloads

Moj App is a Short Videos App. Made in India. Brought to you by ShareChat

Moj is India’s own short video app - a hot new stage to show your flaming talent to the world out there

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Non banned Tiktok Alternative App

This app that you should avoid downloading . If you are search for Tiktok Alternative. We must respect nation sovereignty . If someone kill your solider we will not download there software Which developed in that country

List of App you should avoid downloading due there Chinese app



And try to download that App which Owned by the Indian company as the profit will be in the India


We respect the Government decision of banning 59 Chinese app . As for Security reasons of Indian citizen . As goes to talent and good creators . They can come over this Indian platform to gains followers and fans . If you serious have great skills like dancing or singing you come to Instagram or youtube. And express your talent

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