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What if Coronavirus vaccine will never developed ?

What if Coronavirus vaccine will never developed ?

Coronavirus vaccine

 Before going tell about coronavirus vaccine

you must know

How Any vaccine work and function ?

Immune system against virus and bacteria

So there one cell in the immune system which is called memory cell or T cell .

Which storage the information of making antibodies for any virus
for example . there influenza like virus called ILV such as Rhinovirus and Adenovirus and some are also called Coronavirus because they belong to coronavirus family .

So what happens when this virus get into your boby . Then boby react to it and send white cell to attack open them . In  Which many White blood cell get kill . Then boby increased it temperature that when you get fever . that is actually good for boby . As it help in fight virus.

Now your boby use it memory immune cell to make antibodies for this virus  . When boby create it antibodies it is release in the blood . And get stick to protein spikes of the virus . Stop them to hijacked the cell . Due to this virus cannot reproduction itself and circulated in your blood . But can not grow any more

Interesting Fact :- You know every Indian have TB virus in it's blood . But It is inactive . If you test anyone in the india  with BCG test (This test is for tuberculosis bacteria ). The  result will come positive ⭐

That how boby fights with virus and bacteria . Now vaccines come in play .

most of the virus and bacteria antidote formula is there in memory immune cell . But if some new type virus come in ecosystem . then the vaccines of the virus protect us by Giving your boby training of that virus with help inactive virus . And boby create antibodies for that virus which is Inactive  . But if you get attack by active virus   (which virus vaccines you have take ) . Your boby memory immune cell have knowledge of creating antibodies to kill that Virus . That's  how to you get immunized to that virus with help of vaccines

This not my opinion but the knowledge which is there in general public source . Try to get you understand by my easily way possible


How long will it take to develop a coronavirus vaccine?

SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

Experts estimate that it can take upto 18 to 12 months only for developing vaccine . For manufacturing and distribution it can take upto 1 years to reach in your hand

By the way , Oxford university is very ahead in the coronavirus vaccines . As the report of Oxford university says .

Is there any way to get rid of coronavirus without vaccine ?

What if coronavirus vaccine will never developed?

Disclaimer :- This just assumption and there authorized documents to prove this points . But may true in future when research will held

Herd immunity :- So there are two groups with this points . One groups say it complete useless idea and Other groups say It is true and it will work for country to deal with coronavirus like Sweden. Sweden was see huge urge in death covid cases . But it decrease after sometimes and COVID-19 death decreases in this country . I don't know it herd immunity or there healthcare

● Possible drugs :- Possible drugs can be find which will treat COVID-19 . It is already we can see some drugs are allowed by drug authority of india for COVID-19 like favipiravir

● Naturopathic therapy :- There can be possible of coming an treatment from naturopathic methods by using herbal products . We can see this Madagascar goverment openly promoted COVID drinks as treatment for COVID-19

There some scenario that can happen if coronavirus vaccine if never be created


This are scenarios that may happens if coronavirus vaccine will never developed . We must keep hope that soon after some time will might get some solutions of this coronavirus

Please follow the prevention for this disease . Maintain social distancing. Wash hand frequently . Drink kadha for immunity boost . Wear mask and prevent transmission of COVID-19

If you want to know side effects of sanitizer click here

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