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Is Tea Good for You ? | Bad And Good Effect of Tea on your Boby

Is Tea Good for You ? | Bad And Good Effect of Tea on your Boby

Is Tea Good for You ?

If you are Asian people like Me . Then you know that Tea is a not a beverage . It is a small part of your day-to-day life . Some Non-Asian Country also have this Tea culture in there day-to-day . Everyday 1.15 billion tea cups . Each year 2.9 million tons of tea is produced and consumed Worldwide .

History of Tea dates back to ancient China almost 5000 years ago .

According to legend, in 2732 B.C. Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree blew into his pot of boiling water . India is largest producers of tea in the world . And India is largest consumers of Tea in the world .

Tea was discovered to India at the time of British ruling India . Tea have caffeine in it . Which release dopamine in your brain . Which make it addiction and make you feel you want to drink again . That's why Everyday 1.15 billion cups consumed by people in the world

One Interesting story of discovering of tea . One time Emperor Shen Nung , a servant of Shen Nung was boiling water under tea tree . Accidentally tea leaves felt into water . And Shen Nung was renowned herbalist . And try Fusion of hot water and Tea leaves . Which Shen Nung loved it .

So today , Tea which you drink happily. It was accidentally discovered .

Don't imagine that if you drink Tea everyday . You must conscious about Tea is good for you or not ?

Everything have good effect and bad effect simultaneously

Let's start with good effect

Good Effect of Tea

● Tea have antioxidants . Protect you from Pollutant Which good for now time . Because pollution today is growing

● Tea have less caffeine than coffee . Good for people who suffers insomnia because of coffee

● Tea can be used pre workout pumps . Caffeine present in Tea gives blood pumps to Body . That's why when your sleep you get energy you not flows asleep . And this helps in Workout

● If you use a ginger in a Tea . Then you have digestive benefits due to ginger

Now let's see

Bad effect of Tea

● Caffeine disturbed sleep cycle and decrease sleep quality

● Tea have acidity nature . Which root of 100 different disease like heartburn , acidity etc .

● Tea is great source of tannins . Which reduces iron absorption and May created bone problem . This wil.l only have when you intake more than 5 tea cups a days

● Ayurveda Perspective for Tea . Ayurveda says Tea increase Pitta (Acidic nature)in your body . That's why Ayurveda recommend not to intake tea .

Top 3 Tea Alternatives

1 :- boiling water . Many people say Tea helps bowels motion . The Boiling water also same

2 :- Basil tea ( Tulsi Tea ) helps you in digestion and some skin problem , boost your immunity

3 :- Arjun tea is make from the Arjun bark Tree . Arjun Tea is great for your boby


Tea is great as beverage but does have bad effects . And does we need to sacrifice your body for minutes of joy . Tea problem and bad effects seems smalls . Which Small diseases can lead to serious disease. God knows .

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