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The Problem with Online classes and Student Future's

The Problem with Online classes and Student Future

Online classes and student

Coronavirus spread through world . And To stops the spread the Coronavirus . Government imposed lockdown in there respectively country . Schools , colleges , University and Classes are closed .Due to this Students education has been halved . Therefore Teacher come to solutions of use online classes app like zoom , Google meet , etc. So we need to understand to the Problem with Online classes.

We should know that Students were able to understand the concept , theory and lessons properly . As after coronavirus , Can they understand and performed difficult exams and quiz .

There are various problems with Online classes .

Problem with Online classes

1 :- Network problem

Many developed countries have Wi-Fi and better internet infrastructure but still they face problem . Many developing countries are not like referring Wi-Fi . They referred the mobile data which have many problems like network coverage and data limit when the data limit get over than internet damn slow . Many rural areas not have internet coverage and many people not have mobile also . Hence they cannot attend classes .

Teacher have cut there entertainment sources . So , They can teach there students in online classes

2 :- feedback problem

To understand this point you need to think like teacher . You are explain someone . And he or she is not respond you . You cannot see his face or any action . And you cannot know that there able to understand. In the class , Teachers can see our face and identity the student is able to understand the lessons or not . But in the some online classes , people keep mute video and audio and no feedback . Some people does not like raise doubt in the class because they are scare . But Teachers identify them ask if you have some doubt please ask .

Now that scare student will ever raise doubt in the online classes . And comfortably  to ask doubt in the physical class and online classes is very different

3 :- Attention of Student

Problem with Online classes

We all know we have maintained attention on the physical class . Otherwise teacher will spot us and punish us . That ‘ s why we not misbehaviour and keep attention to your teachers words and lessons

But that's not the case for online classes because Teachers cannot see you or listen you . Now who genuinely want to study . That will keep attention on teachers lecture . But who is not interested in the lecture . That student will do some other things and teacher cannot spot that students for that .

You know everybody loves  prank and do fun in the class . Guess what Online classes take to next level . You can create fake account and prank your teachers and classes . And put some funning name . And no one your real identify . What better than that one doing pranking and teachers cannot know who they are ? .


Maybe there more problems with Online classes. But this basic problems with everyone . If anyone have problem in Understand the lecture and lessons . Just search on YouTube . It will make you understand the lesson easily . If you are parent then helps your kid in study. Start explain him lessons , maths and concept.

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