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Why Investors is investing Jio During Coronavirus pandemic

Why Investors is investing Jio During Coronavirus pandemic
Jio and investors

During this Coronavirus pandemic , Where market is be slow down . And In this time , Investors are cautious on there investment . Investors are investing on less risk markets , assests and stock like Gold , Silver , Dollar Etc. . In hard time also Reliance Jio have huge list of big investments from investor like Google , Facebook and Qualcomm etc.

Technology giant Google would invest Rs 33,737 crore . And acquired 7.73 per cent stake in Reliance Jio Telecoms

Other Technology giant Facebook Rs 43,574 crores . And acquired 9.99 percent stake in Reliance Jio Telecoms . We can see in Future that Facebook and Reliance Jio can collaborate and create Jiomart integrate in WhatsApp or Super App by Facebook and Reliance Jio collaboration

Mobile semiconductor maker giant Qualcomm have invested 97.1 million $ dollar in Reliance Jio Telecom and acquiring 0.15% equity

The reason for Reliance Jio to Investors in investing in it are as follows as :-

Reason no 1 :- Reliance Jio is Telecom based company and Digital Technology based company

In this Coronavirus pandemic , All physical based business are be completely bankruptcy or in the loss . The Only sector that see huge growth is Digital based industry like Content creation , YouTube , Facebook , Online web series platform etc. .

Reliance Jio take advantage of being telecom based company . Majority of the people were at home and bored . Internet where being saviour boredom and entertain them . As Reliance Jio is a Internet Service provider Due to this Reliance Jio have less hit economic compared to other company .

Reason 2 :- Data is new oil

Reliance Jio not only have 40 crores consumers ( 400 million consumers ) . But there data also . There interests , preferences and which website they etc. This data can used by Tech companies to customized there ads .

Reason 3 :- Jio Ecosystem

I will explaining this point with example . For example :- If someone wants to ditch there iPhones and switch to Android devices . It will be not easy . Because Apple have created much a Ecosystem were every business partner have iPhone , Your home have Apple tv , you wear Apple smartwatch . Now your locked into Apple ecosystem . If you ditch Apple iPhone . Then you ditch Apple smartwatch, Apple Tv and whole Apple devices . This make you stick with Apple products and it's ecosystem

Jio is trying same strategy . And creating Ecosystem for it's consumers . Jio is trying to serve it consumers with it own services . If Consumers want use music app like Spotify , Amazon music etc. Then Jio provide them with Jiosaavn . For Entertainment purposes . Jio provide them with Jio tv . If Jio we will not create own app . Then Jio will partner will other companies and exchange Jio will earn profit .

The Main advantage that Jio have is large user base . If Jio partner or creates own app or products . Then it will push that services and advertised with there consumers . It will get huge consumer . If there promote by Jio . Because People trust on Jio


This where some reasons Why Investors is investing Jio During Coronavirus pandemic . There more reasons but this were primary reasons . I hope that you will use this knowledge on your business

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