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Important of AMCA Aircraft ( Updates AMCA 2020 )

Important of AMCA Aircraft ( Updates AMCA 2020 )

AMCA Aircraft

Fifth Generation aircraft are not only Technologically Very Advanced and very steathly . But it also gives message to enemy that we supreior in the air space and Our air force is much more strong compare to you .

This also gives security , trust and pride to the citizen of that nation . That we are Capable of developing much high technology .

Fifth generation aircraft can be also use as benchmark in comparison of two nation Air superiority

As far go for India , What mean AMCA in the Global Geopolitical

Defence always play important role in the Geopolitical relationship . As Weak Defence force nations want to maintain relationship with stronger force nation . To counteract the Enemy Stronger defence force . That's the basic mentality of human since medieval times . That’s why If you Children then Be with Elders or Parents As they can protect you Better . Is taught this since our childhood

India have mainly two nations . Which are threating the India’s sovereignty and integrity . That’s Pakistan and China that we all know . Where Pakistan is dependent on F-16 Fighter Aircraft And some Chinese Old generation Aircraft . Which India can Easily counter With SUKHOI 30 MKI Aircraft . Previous Few Year Ago , We have seen Dog fighter between Pakistani F-16 American Aircraft Vs MIG 21 Russian Aircraft . MIG 21 is Third Generation Aircraft . Which mostly 50 yeas to 70 years old aircraft . F-16 was much more advanced and well equipped with modern air-to-air missile . But Still due to the Awesome performance of the Indian pilot Abhimanyu . We here able to take down F-16 Aircraft . As go for Pakistan it is easy to defeat

But when it comes to China . It is little difficult because As China is communist country . Data of the People , country and political are keep in the country . As any Facebook , Google and YouTube are not allowed in the country . Citizens of China can not share information to outer world easily . As China claimed to made It’s own indigenous Fifth Generation Aircraft Chengdu J-20 . Which many expert says it just Fourth generation aircraft with Fifth generation aircraft Frame . As USA And Russia have Successfully developed There Own Fifth Generation . In which USA is most ahead in Fifth Generation Aircraft Technology . France also have fifth generation aircraft RAFALE but without stealthy Technology

As go for India , We have 36 RAFALE Aircraft . We were able to develop AMCA . We will 3 third nations to have proper Fifth Generation Aircraft with stealthy Technology . AMCA will Game Changer . Will Make India Ahead Of the Aircraft Technology in comparision to China

Some Latest Update 2020 AMCA

“ That is what we are putting our energies into ”
Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria recently said

It see like Indian Air Force want this Aircraft to complete as quick as possible due to the extraordinary feature .

First Flight Trial will held in the year 2024 and manufacturing line will start will expected to 2026

As Kaveri Engine was not able to come on time . HAL is decided to used foregin aircraft engine company

Important of AMCA Aircraft ( Updates AMCA 2020 )

AMCA will Gives Access to Advanced Fifth Aircraft Generation . Will definitely Give Boost in the Air superiority . We all wait AMCA from Since Long Ago . But the development of Stealthy Aircraft Technology is not easy . It takes Many years to development much sophistical Technology

We wish that HAL ( Hindustani Aeronautics Limited ) will develop this aircraft very soon . We will able to see Eagle in the sky and Gives warning to the Enemy . Don’t mess with us

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