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Creativity Comedy | Fun | Chess India Revolution 2020 | Samay Raina

Creativity ,Fun ,Chess India Revolution 2020  | Samay Raina

Samay Raina Chess

I has so many YouTubers friend that say they have skills and Talent . But who will watch it and it is boring content . For example :- Education content sometimes are quite boring for some people . But Your creativity and humour can make any thing interesting . Many teachers failed to explain Many Science and Maths concepts . Why but ?. Every one brain is different from others brains . Someone like to Study Because There Brains release Dopamine hormone in there brain . They Enjoyed the process of study . Whereas other student not . Because there brains is just processing the data .

So what you can do for better Students understanding ? . You can tell they amazing facts about topics or subjects create curiosity . Or You can tell them Story , Jokes and fun Incident . Main things you have diverted the mind from the topics to interesting stuff and hook them back to Topics . Which hook up them to Lectures and Increases attention span in your lectures .

Creativity presentation chess games to General public by Samay Raina

If someone Tell me will i Watch streams Were chess Is played . I will be Disagree and thinks it is too boring . But In the Few Months , A comedian and a winner of Comicstaan Samay Raina have done this possible . Some People say he was already having some following for the boost . You cannot sell useless things in the big brands names . You need provide Some values to the People . He crack jokes and friendly frankly relationship with audience . Made him So popular

Side-By-Side when people start to see that Chess is a great strategy games . They start playing that . Eventually some will love and some not . who know that One who loved the chess today . Tomorrow became grandmasters and help India win to world chess championship . Actually this will increase the Chess Culture in the India . More and More rising star Chess players will come

Google trends see urge in the search of the chess in the month of May , June

We cannot decline that facts that Samay Raina Used the his Network every properly . Also Special mentions Vidit Gujarati have come with funny jokes and comebacks also Black lotus app and Sagar shah on the Other Hand come With curiosity generating commentary . which hooks us to stream

Due to this , In the recent times Online Chess FIDE Olympics 2020 streams on Samay raina got 70 k watching

And India-Russia both win this championship
This stream was appreciate by the many people include Anand Mahindra

Also they were able to generate 25 lakhs rupees for COVID relief

Many Academy institutions are already investing in the chess like Unacademy and The market will grow and Eventually Chess culture will grow in the India Rapidly


The one point of this article is do what you want and follow your passion . do not insecure of post content on YouTube . And may be you became Samay Raina of your field . There also be the audience who want content that you posting

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