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Current and Future Economy Of India 2020

Current and Future Economy Of India 2020 

Future Economy of India

We all had the seen the news GDP growth rate of India is -23.9 in this quarterly growth . O MY GOD !!!!!!!! . Yes we are facing difficult time in the GDP growth rate . But are we are Only hit country by economic ? . Of course NO . United States have also hit by the coronavirus and United states is worst hit nation in terms of economy . That’s Debatable that you count Annual GDP Growth or Quarterly GDP Growth rate in Both case USA is worst hit nation . In terms Of quarterly GDP growth rate it is – 41 .81 % and In annual GDP growth rate is – 8.1 %. According to the Trading economic

But We should not Compare Which Country is been Worst hit by COVID-19 In terms of Economy . It like Says That You failed with just 1 marks And I Fails with just 2 Marks . But we are still fail . It is better to find ways to solved and Also analyse the problem’s

Are Our Economy is in the Recession or Depression ?

Our economy is in recession not depression . Recession means that GDP Growth Rate of Country Remains in Negative for at least two quarter of the year . And Depression Means that GDP Growth Rate of Country Remains in Negative for Three Years .

We can See Recession Because we see negative GDP growth rate in this quarterly and also we will see negative GDP growth rate in the next quarterly also .

This is First Recession after 40 years . And It was ofCourse that we will see negative GDP growth rate because . GDP means Gross domestic products . It simply means that’s all measure of all goods and service . And Lockdown expose due to the spread there was very minimum buys and sell of good and service . and We see Negative GDP Growth rate . Only sector in the Indian Economy see the positive growth is agriculture because food is basics need of the people .

What You and Government should do for reviving economy ?

For Government :- Government can not afford more relief pack for poor people . But government can focus on construction industry as it is worst hit industry compare to various industry sectors . Government should invest in the construct in the road , building and bridges etc. . As it create more employment for labour . It will great for people Who are Labour but not have employment . And also once Economy get into Track . It will for better Business and transportation of goods and Raw Products. Great Infrastructure also help economy of country

For people like YOU and Me :- we often say that Government should do this or that . But we tend forget our responsibility and what we can do to improve our economy

First of all :- If you have money and You can feed at least one hungry people in your area . That will great for society and specially great for hungry people

Second :- Support nearby local brands and Indians brands . As it will help them to survive this rough times and This brands provide employment to Indians people

Third :- We must encourage people to start the they business . In the Society , we has to change the altitude toward the jobs and Business . They only we see more business and who know when someone create company like Apple , Alphabet and Microsoft combine net worth 3 trillion ( More than India GDP ). We can also see this in India .  If we able to Create Huge MNC company like Apple , Alphabet and Microsoft. Also More Business more Employment . Business gives boost in the Country GDP  specially Which performance exports

Fourth :- If already businessman . Then as much as possible please do not remove the people from there work


As much as possible please help the people in terms of economically and social . people are depression please talk with each other and people . As it decrease the depression

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