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Cybersecurity And PUBG banned Make Any Sense ?

Cybersecurity And PUBG banned Make Any Sense ? 


3 days Ago :- PUBG got banned from India . PUBG is the Cyber security Concerns Of the Nation According to the Government Of India . Cybersecurity And PUBG banned Make Any Sense ? . Lets Analyse It

First of All , Who owns the PUBG ? .

PUBG was first introduced by the Blue hole Game developer company based on the South Korea . And Designed by the Irish gamer developer Brandon Greene In 2017 . This game was inspired by the movie Free Fire . The Movie Also Have Quite Similar Concept . Many People Were Left in the island and Who Survive till last will be winner . PUBG also have same Concept

So why Tencent Logo come in the PUBG Mobile ?

In 2017 , When the PUBG was released through out the world . It get instant hit in China . PUBG Got banned in the China . Tencent Games ( the video game publishing division of Tencent Holdings) have created mobile version of PUBG MOBILE . This games also get Instant Hit in The China . Has created by the Tencent games . It Got approval by the China Government .

Tencent Games Buys 11.5 % stake in the PUBG Corp . Tencent Games end up getting Profit from Pubg

Hence , The PUBG MOBILE was developed by Tencent Games . First Tencent Logo come then PUBG CORP

Can Pubg be the threat for India Cyber Security ?

The Answer is not Clear . It can be and it can be not . First of all , Profit That PUBG CORP gets through in app purchase . More than 1/10 parts of that profit gone to Tencent Games .Which is China company . And India have Bad Relationships with China . People Says If we use Chinese Products and Services . They we are indirect funds your Enemy . At this perspective Yes But Buys Any Chinese App and Services are Threat to India .

PUBG is dangerous For India Cybersecurity . If See Tencent Games hold 11.5% of stakes in the PUBG CORP . Having Hold to this much stakes give you special Position and access in the company . Data of Indian Citizen Can be take from Indian based PUBG server . So it do not matter were the sever are location in the India or China . There is no such evidence backing this theories

Some people as PUBG Mobile is developed by the Tencent Games . There can be purposely Loophole to access the data . But still There is no such evidence backing this theories too


Have we live in the Modern era . Were Relationship status to your confidential documents are present in you mobile . It is Important for Our to conscious about are we downloading and what type of permission and access we give that app .

There million and millions of App in the Play store and App store . We should depend upon  the government to banned this app . We need to do little research on the app . What We are installing ? . For Google and Apple also it is difficult to determined . Which app could leaking your data or which not ? .

" Prevention is better than Cure "

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