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Intermittent fasting ( Benefits , Ayurveda , Fake Hype or Real )

Intermittent  fasting ( Benefits , Ayurveda  , Fake Hype or  Real )  

Intermittent Fasting
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From many years , We see hype in the west For Intermittent fasting . And In the Recent Times , we can See this Hype in the India . Does this just a hype for health or It is really great for body . Let’s See

First what is Intermittent fasting ?

Intermittent fasting mean You keeps Gap between your meals . It could be One gaps in days or It could be gaps after every meals for 8 , 6 ,7 hours . Your choice . 
Most of the people believes that you should keeps gaps between last meal of days and first meals of next days .

This gaps should at least for 12 to 14 hours . More beneficial if 16 hours gaps will maintained .

Does Intermittent fasting have any health benefits in your body ?


There are many benefits of Intermittent fasting from

Weight loss

Detoxification all body

Increases metabolism and High level of energy level through the day

Better food digestion

Reduce insulin resistance which reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes

Faster cellular repairing

And some are indirect benefits of Intermittent fasting ( No Scientific proof ) .

People due to the detoxification of the body . The chances of getting Cancer is also reduce .

Intermittent fasting also helps your body to cleans your blood veins from cholorestal . Reduce the chances of heart attack .

There are Many benefits associated with detoxification of boby

Reasons behind so many benefits of Intermittent fasting

Science perspective :- Science says that when you do Intermittent fasting . You are mostly eliminating your breakfast this means eliminating that fats and carbohydrate in the breakfast . When keeps gap of 16 hours in the between the two meals . fats in the body starts to use the primary source of energy because body do not have carbohydrate .

When you are not eating anything for 16 hours . Your boby sugar levels will be normal and pituary gland also perform better and improves hormones secretion .

Ayurveda perspective :- Ayurveda says that there Prana Shakti ( life energy ) in your boby . which perform various tasks . When you are eat some things your digestion use Prana Shakti to digested it . So Prana Shakti can only do two things . One things is Digested the food Or Second things it can do remove the waste from your body , Repair Your Damaged Cell and Destroy Cancer cell etc .

Actually ancient people in India were following this fasting unknowly . In today also in village , People eat dinner before 8 pm and eat breakfast at 10 am . Some people in the old times , People used to eat before 7 pm . And we all know weekly upvanas ( fasting ) . For relaxing the Digestion system


I believed that you should try the Intermittent fasting . And Then create Opinions about This fasting . Might be It resolved your problems

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