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The Science behind Ganesh Chaturthi | 3 Reasons Behind It

The Science behind Ganesh Chaturthi | 3 Reasons Behind It

The Science Behind Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi . If you live in India . Then you this festival quite well . for foreign reader . Ganesh Chaturthi is festival when we Hindu people brings idols of Ganesh ( Lord of Remover of obstacles in the life also Lord Ganesh is also said to lord of propersity and before starting any work like business , Puja , Yagya , charity or programmer we first prayer Lord Ganesh . Then start that work ) . We bring Lord Ganesha idol ( murti ) . And then we do Puja . Demand upon people he or she want to keep Ganesh idol for 2 , 3 ,5 ,7 ,9 , 11 days . Specially In State of Maharashtra this festival celebrated very nicely and people dance and sing devotional song welcoming Ganesh idol . Some people with sadness and some people with happiness . Say Goodbye to Ganesh and Perform Visarjan ( emerging idols into water )

Most of the Hindu festival , culture and practices have science behind it

Reason no :- 1 Purifying The water with the herbs

In the Ancient times , Ganesh idols were made of 56 types of herb like Tulsi , Neem , Giloy , kangla, matti (Terminalia elliptica), fagla (Momordica dioica), kevan and triphala and 48 herbs more .

This herb were used in the making of the idols . As I mentioned early this idols is emerged into water . The herbs present in it also mixed with water and purifying the water . This helps the People who drink water of that river and save them various water borne diseases

Reason no :- 2 Helping Farmer for growing crops

As Mentioned previous that this idols have herbs into it . One more ingredients that is used making this idols is Soil ( specially Red – Soiled type ) . This Soil which is used in the making idols is rich iron and make other minerals . Which are useful for farming and growing the crops .

As this idols emerged into water . Idols dissolved into water and soil from which idols is made of is dissolved into water . flowing into water of the river and settle into river side or river banks . Hence Making Land more fertile and helping farmers grow there crops more easily .

# Reason no :- 3 Mental healthiness

We live in modern era . Were people are more social in the social media rathers than real life . In the modern times were we do not spend quality times with family . This types of festival helps in understanding our culture properly and deeply . This festival give us more times to spend with family .

 Main thing is that Every year who were keeps the Ganesh murti ( Idols ) in the family . everyone from family goes to each other and take Ganesh blessing . Due to this Every one talk to each other and it create very nice . very nice environment and positive vibes spread around the house .

Also when Ganesh idols come to our home . We welcome with Bhul and music . And every one dances and enjoy . And when we go for visrajan Ganapati bappa . At that moment also Some people Dance and sing devotional song


Many people say that Ganesh Chaturthi creates lot of sea pollution and water pollution . Due to this marine life is damaged . See it not the festival which cause problem . It is modernization of festival which creates environment problem . In olden times people used Soil and Herbs to create idols . Today it's create by POP which is wrong . In the ancient times, People used flowers , turmeric and fruits for colouring the idols and it was natural. Today we used chemicals colour that's damaged the marine ecosystem

At the end note , It's not Culture problem . It is how we wrongfully updated traditional.

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