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How to reduce depression naturally with Yoga

How to reduce depression naturally with yoga

How to reduce Depression naturally with Yoga

How to reduce depression naturally with yoga. Before know the methods and yoga tips. We must know the core of your problem.  And understand what depression is ?

What is depression?

Depression is mental disorder. This mental disorder is combination of   biological, psychological and social sources of distress. Research says that we see imbalance chemical composition in the brain and improper change neuron circuits of the brain

Depression can caused due to many reasons. Example, Social problems, bullying, mental torture and etc.

Are Anxiety, Grief and Depression are same or not?

Anxiety happened due to the stress. Which is created by vary situation (financial problems and family problems etc.)

Grief create when someone close to us died. And For some days or for some weeks. It gets hard. But As times and situation changes. We tend to Move on with that feel. Grief gets over


Depression is state of mind. But Mind feeling this state of mind is permanent. But It not permanent state of mind. It just illusion of mind that depression exists. Depression could cause due to family problems, social issues, bullying, etc.

Depend upon on the people determination of the people to get rid of depression di that how time it will require to come out depression.

Depression is one major reasons for suicide throughout the world. In the maximum case, as the time people move on and move out for depression. Due to the therapy, sometime medication or etc. . . .

Today I will provide you Simple and one of the easy way to reduce depression

Disclaimer: - I am not psychology specialist. But this lifestyle habits is be effective to many people. Application of habits . Do not cost you. So must try. May be it make you free from depression

Lifestyle Ways of reduce your Depression 

Lifestyle Ways of reduce your Depression

Natural Depression Therapy

One of major reasons, we see so many case of depression in the city. Is loss of contact with natural and five basic elements of body (Prithvi/ Earth, Jal /Water, Agni /Fire, Vayu / Air, Akasha / Space)

This are five basic elements of body.  According to Ayurveda System. Imbalance between the five elements creates various problem in your system. For Example: - If Agni (Fire) elements of your body increase. Then the body heat increased lead to more and more pimples 

Depression cannot touch those who have stable mind .Due to the Balance of their five elements of the body.

Then how we can stable your mind and balance your five elements in the body?

We could not properly balance your five elements. Because there constant change. But we can at least balance five elements of your body. Like that we have stable mindset and Positivity in your life  

Then, what do in your lifestyle that reduce your depression?

Nature is best anti-depressant medicine

You remember why kid enjoy playing soil. Because your body is made with soil and minerals. It just calm your mind play in the soil. Due to the coldness of the soil and greenery of the garden. Help us feeling better.

This balance your privithi elements in the body.

Go river, Sea and Lakes and swim in them. You will say? Because when take bath in the bathroom you feel refresh. Same Way you will also feel refresh take swimming in river and sea and Due to Surrounding of these water body. You keep more refresh and rejuvenate

Every time you go outside of your home.  Especially Visit that places. Which have windy air or At least that have plant in there surrounding. That provide you Fresh Air.

I Highly Recommend go to places Where Windy Air present. It just refresh your mind. And have much as possible take deep breath. As it increase Oxygen flow in your brain.

To balance the Agni (FIRE) and Akashi (SPACE).

For Agni, Take the sunlight at least for 15 – 20 mins in a days. For Vitamin – D and Morning sunrise are best for skin and brain. Morning sunrise if gone to your eyes. It make feel better.

For Akashi, You need to mediate at least 15 mins in days and start listening and chant Mantra. Have it give you positivity in the life. And Give you clear stream of thought   


If you are in depression. Please do the above following steps. You will thinks that is all steps. Can just make happy and relaxed. They will not help me come out of depression.

Please this small happiness will make come out of depression. It will take time and efforts. But at least whole process is free and just try it. May what medicines could not able do it? This simple way of lifestyle help you to come out of depression.

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Seek for positivity will automate make free from depression

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